Collection: Silver Leaves

The scent of art, an adult aesthetic that allows you to enjoy the slow flow of time.
In a world of luxury, jewellery makes the ultimate statement.

The Jay Tsujimura "Silver Leaves Collection”; every item is painstakingly created by hand, with half a year spent in prototype production alone. This jewellery collection is for those who truly love and understand the .
With delicate leaf motifs representing Havana’s finest tobacco, growing in the warm Caribbean sun, we present the “Silver Leaves” rest and Ashtray.

Through meticulous hand-crafting and deep, three-dimensional carving, the supple leaf design epitomises the strength and elegance of nature, and the sophistication and nobility of it’s owner.

The crown is decorated in highly detailed laurel as a symbol of eternal love and the wreath of a champion. Lizard scales, expressively carved to catch the light, represent masculinity with a wild side that is balanced with sensitivity.

Featuring elegantly carved fretwork, the rest was designed so that you can fully appreciate the sensual contrast of light and shadow that is naturally reflected in the high quality silver.
In the center of the Ashtray, as a sign of respect to the finest Cuban s, the carving shows a five-pointed star surrounded by flowing tobacco leaves.

This beautiful collection perfectly combines the tough majesty of silver with the soft organic hand-carving. Mirroring the exceptional qualities of the handmade , you can you feel the warmth and passion that could only be achieved by hand.

The reassuring weight of premium silver gives a sense of stability, while the size is extremely portable, perfectly fitting in your palm. This makes an easy to use and stylish collection that can accompany you to your favorite place.

This is your time; if life is like a movie, you are the director and this is the perfect supporting cast.

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