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Lizard Camera Soft Release Button -Premium collection-

Lizard Camera Soft Release Button -Premium collection-

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Unique hand-crafted exceptional jewelry for Leica cameras by JAY TSUJIMURA.

JAY TSUJIMURA Premium Collection
Camera Soft Release Button Silver 925

Why Don't You Dress Up?

Premium Collection
Hot Shoe Cover & Soft Release

The beauty of the finest camera—but how many cameras exist in this world?
The era of functionality is over, the era of adornment is in.
Witness bespoke adornment for the finest camera you’ve never seen before.
Jay Tsujimura’s premium collection is the exquisite one-of-a-kind and meticulously hand-crafted silver hot shoe cover and soft release for Leica and other rangefinder cameras.

Premium Lizard

Lizards have the most beautifully resilient skin despite living in the brutal force of nature.
The silver has been meticulously carved to replicate the scale of the lizard in a mirror-finish, creating an almost leathery touch. It exudes pure sexiness.


Premium Floral

The vitality and wildness of natural flora, its elegant flowing form has beauty but expresses inner strength.
The way the silver shimmers in the light and creates shadows from the relief of the floral motif makes it “Wild but Elegant.”

Material: Silver 925
Made in Japan, Handmade in Tokyo
Size approx: Width 15 * Depth 9mm
Weight approx: -

This is for the Soft release button only. Accessories other than the Soft release button you ordered, such as the camera or hot shoe cover, are not included.

Notice: About Soft release buttons stopping postion

The direction of the final stop depends on the individual cameras.
The position of the threading is not fixed, as there are individual differences even among the same Leica models.

Notice: Delivery time

JAY TSUJIMURA's products are everything handmade and are all made to order.
The product will be completed approximately 10 weeks from the date of order.

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