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Sakura Camera Soft Release Button -Floral emblems of Japan-

Sakura Camera Soft Release Button -Floral emblems of Japan-

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JAY TSUJIMURA Floral emblems of Japan collection
Sakura Soft Release Button Silver 925

Unique hand-crafted exceptional jewelry for Leica cameras "Japanese beauty presented to the world" by JAY TSUJIMURA.

' Floral emblems of Japan': Sakura and Kiku soft release buttons.

When you take a walk with your camera, the world is seen with new eyes.
As your finger touches this jewelry you are inspired to see a new kind of beauty.

When you least expect it, on a back street or alley, in the mountains, on the beach, or in the heart of the bustling city you rediscover the beauty surrounding you.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance.
Close the shutter.
Capture the moment.
Time to discover a new tradition.

The language of flowers.
Sakura cherry blossom 'Spiritual beauty', 'Nobility'.
Kiku chrysanthemum 'high-minded'.

These flowers are crafted with natural simplicity, grace, and beauty.
A sense of organic warmth entwined with an elegance that can only be achieved by hand.
Not only stylish but also a natural, ergonomic fit and feel. Easy to grasp so you don't lose that shot.

JAY TSUJIMURA lived in the UK and USA, between 1988-2004, immersed in a western culture so far removed from Japan.
After returning to Japan, he became inspired by the Japanese esthetic. The culture, the nature, the food, the people.
The beauty of Japan.

It's with these feelings that JAY TSUJIMURA creates his art.
Enjoy the "Floral emblems of Japan" collection!

Material: Silver 925
Made in Japan, Handmade in Tokyo
Size approx: diameter 13 mm
Weight approx: -

This is for the Soft release button only. Accessories other than the Soft release button you ordered, such as the camera or hot shoe cover, are not included.

Notice: About Soft release buttons stopping postion

The direction of the final stop depends on the individual cameras.
The position of the threading is not fixed, as there are individual differences even among the same Leica models.

Notice: Delivery time

JAY TSUJIMURA's products are everything handmade and are all made to order.
The product will be completed approximately 10 weeks from the date of order.

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